HEO Ocean

Cut your life and you’ll see empty pictures of your faint.
Do not speak about fault and remorse of shocking deeds.
Stop your faith for this hour of your sin.

Wage of your weakness will be a life behind the wall.
Wooden fence, underground, pigs your life in rubbish hall.
Stop your faith …..

Oh happy days.
Your life is full of memories. HEO.
You’ve got no control and now the memories you’ll see. HEO.
You never believed they’re gonna take your soul. HEO.
I got to believe, now who should save your soul?
Who’s gonna save your soul and you?

Happy days, endless nights, and tomorrow it feels wrong.
Cannot feel you’re really needs and your soul just sleeps alone.
Stop your faith …..

Cannot breathe, cannot speak, in your body no control.
Is it real, it is true, can’t feel you anymore.
Stop your faith …..

Oh happy days ……

Lyrics │ Norbert Klein and Bianca Schneider

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