Wind And Lion

There is so much in your life for which it is worthwhile to give everything.

You say –
Everything lives in the change of a time.
Everything floats gentle there in the wind.
Everything has its unstoppable run.

You say –
Many heroes made your roaming face grey.
But each milestone was a new step on stairs.
Now you’re ready for your journey with me.

Your face shines pride full of joy.
A voice gives you the courage to fly.
And your love gives my life a new start.
And your laughter still opens my heart.

What is up?
Sense of cloudy, sense and you fly away.
Then your words and doing get a new life.
Who knows shadows has respect for success.

Your face shines pride …

Tell me why
did you buried all your dreams in the clouds?
Are your courage and your freedom a lie?
Sometimes you would like to cry for joy.

Your face shines pride …

Lyrics │ Norbert Klein

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