With you

Want to tell you something.
I’m gonna tell you be cool.
You want to be loved.
How can it be you’ve never longed for big time?
You gonna be free – you know.
Want to be cool.
And I was too sad.
You’ve got to tell me something’s gonna be a lie.

With you,
With you all the time.
I’ll be nothing, you never believe what you do ………….
With you,
I’m gonna be with you all the time, now and now and nothing you do. Oh.

I wanna tell you this story.
I wanna feel you.
I’ve got it all you will never believe.
I’ve got to be someone else.
You wanna take care of your need.
And you’ll never feel sad, you know, you know.
I’ve got to know, I’ve got to be known.
I want to sing in a song about you.

With you,
With you all ……..

Lyrics │ Bianca Schneider

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